Attendance Matters!

Dear CCSD Families,

This year, our schools are rolling out initiatives to boost attendance and we need your help. Why? Because attendance matters! Unfortunately, at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, we have numerous students who are chronically absent, and that can put them in danger of falling behind their peers both academically and socially. Students who miss 10 percent of the school year (18 excused/unexcused absences per year) are considered chronically absent. Research shows that students who are chronically absent are more likely to read below grade level, struggle to understand math concepts, and be held back a year; they are also less likely to graduate. One of the best things you can do for your child is to make sure that he or she gets a first-rate education, and that means attending school regularly. We ask that you only keep your child home from school if he or she is truly sick, and help us spread the word that attendance is important!

If you have any questions about your child’s attendance or are looking for advice, please contact your school’s main office.


Sal DeAngelo
Superintendent of Schools

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