Learning Branches Into Creative World at Arbor Academy

Visual learning, creative exploration, STEAM activities, wellness, design thinking – these and more are at play this summer at the Middle School’s Arbor Academy.
Students are currently experimenting with iPad cameras and iMovie software as they begin to develop video projects as a team – a great way to hone critical thinking skills and learn the value of collaboration and teamwork. The class is also immersed in the game Zork, an early interactive-fiction computer game developed in the late 1970’s. Set far underground in the ruins of a forgotten civilization, a nameless adventurer must navigate this dangerous world in search of valuables. As a text-only computer game (are you old enough to remember MS DOS?), the game unfolds using only words – like an interactive book – leaving the students to imagine who their adventurer is, visualize what the game’s environment looks like, and develop their own backstory as they solve the game’s challenges to delve deeper into the story. One of their projects this summer will be to bring their visions to life by creating a trailer for the game using live-action video, still photos, and other audio/visual media.
Also, the class will be developing a project for the Crandell Theatre, a video to inform moviegoers where the theatre’s fire exits are, that will play before the movies that are shown there!
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