Chatham Athletic Schedules now on ScheduleGalaxy

ScheduleGalaxy is now the provider for the Chatham Central School District athletics program’s web-based scheduling system. ScheduleGalaxy enhances both the scheduling process and public access to contest information. We are no longer using DigitalSports.

ScheduleGalaxy provides:

  • Quick public access to team schedules, free from commercial advertisement
  • Ability to receive email alerts for any schedule changes or push notifications from our App
  • Directions to contests from your current location to the exact game location via Google maps
  • View schedules, directions and schedule changes from either your computer or from the ScheduleGalaxy App

To access a team schedule, click on the ScheduleGalaxy link on our website.

Create an account by Clicking on “Register” on the upper right hand corner of the page and follow registration instructions. You will be immediately directed to the homepage which has a calendar of all athletic contests. You can also choose the sport and team you’re looking for from the Quick Toggle menu at the top left of the homepage. Click on the sport and then click on the team to view their schedule. There, you will be able to subscribe to email alerts or push notifications from our App for any schedule changes for that specific team. Click on a specific contest on either the schedule list or the calendar and both Google map location and driving directions from your current location are readily available.

We are pleased for our athletics program and community to have the opportunity to join ScheduleGalaxy in providing this enhanced sports scheduling and public information system.

Instructions for the Public Use of ScheduleGalaxy

Access to ScheduleGalaxy:

Go to our school district’s webpage and click on the Athletics icon/tab.

Click on the ScheduleGalaxy link.

Click on “Register” at the top right of the page and register to subscribe to individual team schedules on the site or the App.

To get game details, directions to the contest, and ability to get to the team schedule, click on the desired game on the calendar. Or use the Quick Toggle in the upper left-hand corner and choose the team you’re looking for by entering the sport and level and click on the desired game on the schedule.

Clicking on the game on the calendar or the schedule will give you an overview of the details of the game, a map view of the location of the game and the ability to get directions to the game site by clicking on the Get Directions icon in the lower left-hand corner below the map.

This will bring up Google Maps which will already contain the end point (school site) of where the game is being held. All you do is enter your starting point.

To sign up for email alerts to game changes, click on the Bacl< to Team Page icon or again use the Quick Toggle to choose your desired team.

At the top right-hand corner above the team schedule you will see the Subscribe to Schedule icon. Do this for every team for which you want to subscribe.

You will see the schedules you’ve subscribed to on the left hand side of the homepage on the computer and you will see them on the App.

ScheduleGalaxy App

Registration for the ScheduleGalaxy App is now open!

ScheduleGalaxy now recognizes App accounts for members of the public.

Before you download the App, go to your school’s homepage on ScheduleGalaxy.

Click on the “Register” link in the top navigation bar.

A “Sign up” registration form displays. Provide all the necessary information in the registration form.

When you have successfully registered, start by selecting one of the team schedules to which you are interested in subscribing by using the button “Subscribe to schedule” on the team schedule page.

If you want to unsubscribe from a schedule, click “Unsubscribe.” You are subscribed to this schedule.

Note that you must subscribe to each team schedule individually. Repeat the above process for each team for which you wish to subscribe on the App.

If you have previously subscribed to team alerts, once you’ve registered, those subscribed schedules will already be activated on the App and the ScheduleGalaxy site; you won’t have to subscribe again.

The entire list of schedules to which you are subscribed displays in the left menu.

You can quickly access your school teams from the left menu and easily manage your subscriptions.

Now, go to the App store on an Apple phone or to Google Play on an Android phone.

Downloading the App.

When the App is downloaded, all games of the teams that you subscribed to will be listed under the Games feature.

Click on a game to get specific game information and directions.

Once you’ve registered on your school’s ScheduleGalaxy homepage, you can also subscribe to team schedules from the App.

Pick your desired school from the list of schools under the SCHOOLS & TEAMS icon on the App.

Click on your school name in the list and all the teams your school district offers will be displayed.

Click on the Star next to the sport and team level for which you want to subscribe. The Star turns gold, meaning that you are subscribed to that team.

To unsubscribe from a team, click on the gold Star and the Star will go to white, meaning you are unsubscribed.

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