6th Grade Career Day

The CMS guidance and counseling department put on a career day for 6th graders in June. Among the day’s guest speakers was Chatham graduate Frank Halstead (Class of 2009), who spoke about his work as an intelligence officer for the Marines. He shared many life lessons and likened the camaraderie and teamwork he experienced in Chatham sports and clubs to his adult life experiences in the service. He told the students “learn to swerve” through life challenges. Mrs. Trienens, a conservation architect, demonstrated the science used to conserve buildings and showed the students how to study different materials under a microscope. Mrs. Case, a recreational therapist, had students role play her career. Sheriff’s Deputy Rosenstrach shared her life journey that led to her becoming a police officer and spoke about the types of skills needed in her line of work, such as being a good communicator.

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