Outdoors and Recreation Club

The CHS Outdoors and Recreation Club (ORC) took their first hike of spring last Friday. Club members enjoyed a three-mile hike at the Wilson M. Powell Wildlife Sanctuary, a beautiful preserve in Old Chatham owned by the Alan Devoe Bird Club and protected by the Columbia County Land Conservancy. Students enjoyed exploring the natural world and taking in the views of the Catskill Mountains from Dorson’s Rock. They were delighted to see a flock of vultures up close as they approached the overlook. After taking in the views and snapping a few shots, they ventured on to a waterfall. Here the students climbed to the top and found a friend in the form of a garter snake. The hike concluded with a scenic loop past Reilly Pond. Advisors Brooke Decker, Rodney Stickles, and Mike Kullman are hoping to get in several more local hikes prior to the end of the school year. The club encourages students to come out and join the fun for future hikes.

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