CMS Battle of the Belts

CMS held its preliminary Battle of the Belts April 12. This annual event makes buckling up a sport to raise awareness about seat belts. Teams of four competed against one another to see who could buckle into and out of the seats of a vehicle in the fastest time. The team with the fastest time from each grade will go on to represent CMS in the 2019 “World Championship Battle of the Belts” at Sean’s Run on April 28. Awards were also given out to the teams with the best t-shirts and the best team name. Special thanks to Columbia County Sheriff’s Department for officiating the event.

sixth grade team with the fastest time

The Bunny Bucklers

6th Grade Winners:

Fastest Time: The Bunny Bucklers (51.80 seconds) 

Anna Friedman

Grace Brennan

Jordin Radley

Addison Perry

Best Shirts: The Bikini Bucklers 

Logan Smalley

Jacob Carroll

Hunter Kelly

Mason Schermerhorn

Best Team Name: The Flaming Peacocks 

Kaitlyn Bost

Evie Deane

Alexis Berry

Aurora Jones


The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks

7th Grade Winners:

Fastest Time: The Mighty Ducks (57.79 seconds)  

Dayton Harvey

Lennie Sitzer

Jameson Balich

Tate VanAlstyne

Best Shirts: Super Clickers

Emily Scheriff

Lizzie Morse

Lauren Uhler

Jahhyah Armstrong

Best Team Name: Yippee Kiya Belt Clickers

Boden Palodino

Levi Kramlich

LJ Morse

Givanni Martino

eighth grade team with the fastest time

Click Clock Rock Crocs

8th Grade Winners:

Fastest Time: Click Clock Rock Crocs (50.84 seconds)  

Meghan Distin

Braeden VanWie

Hailey Perry

Jayden Williams

Best Shirt: Be Alert, Accidents Hurt

Jane Fischer

Bridget Brackett

Jillian Perry

Claire Fairall

Best Name: Belta Airlines

Lylah Gray

Emma Smith

Alyssa Mowris


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