CHS Battle of the Belts

Team with the fastest time

We Wanna See you Buckle Down (Brooke Doyle, Sophie Martino, Jenna Skype, Kate Verenazi) are this year’s team with the fastest time.

Chatham High School held its 2019 Preliminary Battle of the Belts on April 3. Battle of the Belts encourages students to buckle up and raises awareness about safe driving habits among teens. This event is sponsored by the CHS SADD chapter. In total, there were 13 teams of four that participated, including two faculty teams. Great prizes including free prom tickets, Stewart’s gift cards, Dunkin Donuts gift cards and Dairy Queen gift cards were given away. A special thanks to Mrs. Chittenden and Mrs. Persons for volunteering the use of their vans! Also, thanks to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department for officiating the event. Funding for the Battle of the Belts prizes was provided by the Sean Patrick French Memorial Walk/Run.

2019 Results:

Team with the Fastest Time: 39.92 seconds 

TEAM # 9 “We Wanna See you Buckle Down”

  1. Jenna Skype
  2. Brooke Doyle
  3. Sophie Martino
  4. Kate Verenazi

This team will move on to compete against other school districts in the “World Championship Battle of the Belts” at Sean’s Run on April 28th.

Team with the Best Team T-Shirt:

TEAM #12 “The Clicksters”

  1. Cherish O’Connell
  2. Rachael Bogausch
  3. Mikey Moore
  4. Ben Rippel

Team with the Best Team Name:

TEAM # 10 “Bucklin’ Buddies”

  1. Margot Schassler
  2. Sydney Newton
  3. Shirley Harvey
  4. Sydney Putnam

Team with the loudest cheering section

TEAM # 7 “Seat Belts Save”

  1. Lauren Wrigley
  2. Caroline Paolucci
  3. Ainsley Zaik
  4. Jess Pilkington


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