2019 CMS Science/Technology Fair Winners

Chatham Middle School held its 2019 Science and Technology Fair on February 28th, when hundreds of family members, staff, and others visited the school’s gym to see the students’ projects. This annual event encourages sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to conduct research and draw conclusions based on the data they collect. In the weeks leading up to the fair, students chose to develop a solution to a technological problem or attempted to prove a hypothesis. Prior to the public portion of the fair, science and technology teachers from CMS and CHS judged the projects based on the students’ demonstrated use of the scientific method or problem solving method, as well as the students’ creativity, knowledge of their subjects, difficulty of the projects, and overall quality of their presentations. Congratulations to our 2019 Science and Technology Fair winners:

sixth grade winners pose for photoGrade 6

Winner 1: Brianna Reyome- What fruit or vegetable has the highest amount of natural acid?

Winner 2: Logan Smalley & Derek Clark- Which bat will hit further a USA bat or a Mako bat?

Winner 3: Mason Levy- If you attach magnets to a car, can it prevent a crash?

Principal’s Award- Cali Adamski- Does coffee, tea and cake stain your teeth?



seventh grade winners pose for photoGrade 7

Winner 1: Nole & Owen Zaik- Does Gaming physically affect the human body?

Winner 2: Alaina Graziano & Maya Narofsky- Why is the climate changing here because of icicles melting in Antarctica?

Winner 3: Lily Strattman- What gets stains out of white shoes the best?

Principal’s Award: Morgan VanWie- What can prevent a balloon from popping?



eighth grade winners pose for photo

Grade 8

Winner 1: John & Anna Miles- How do geologic processes affect the densities of various rocks?

Winner 2: Diego Clark- If students at school are made aware of the consequences of using plastic bags, will they change their actions and use alternatives?

Winner 3: Sam Hoffman- Who can recognize facial expressions better?

Principal’s Award: Hailey Ruff- If I stand and stare at the sky while spinning then look at a flashlight will I fall faster or slower?

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