Sixth Grade Wins CMS Penny Wars

The sixth grade came out the victor in Chatham Middle School’s Penny Wars, finishing up with the least negative points. Negative points? That doesn’t sound so good, you may say. Ahh, but it is good, as all those “negative” points added up to more than chump change. Throughout January, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades duked it out to see who could get the most points in their respective jugs. At the end of the month, every penny in a team’s jug equaled a point, but every nickel, dime, and quarter in the jug subtracted that coin’s face value from the score. The idea was, load your own jug up with pennies while sabotaging the other team’s score by dropping silver coins in theirs. Together the students raised over $300.00 for the CMS PTSO, who sponsored the event and who will use the funding to support morale boosting initiatives throughout our school. As the winners, the sixth grade earned their very own dance/activity day after school on March 1st, complete with dancing, games, prizes, and snacks.

6th, 7th and 8th grade jugs

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