Your Student Government in Action

Chatham High School’s student government has been active this year. In the fall, they organized a successful Krispy Kreme doughnut sale, raising over $600. In January, they coordinated the purchase of two Chromebook monitors to display announcements and student artwork. The monitors can be seen in the high school lobby and cafeteria. They also purchased two phone charging stations, one for the library and one for the cafeteria. Each charging station can charge four iPhones and one Android device at once.

Additionally, student government has been meeting with High School principal John Thorsen about school culture. These talks have been centered around student motivation and vaping. Talks may grow to a larger subset of the student population and parents.

Chatham student government officers are Jenna Skype, president; Garner Boshart, vice president; Althea Brennan, board of education student representative; Kenneth Fay, treasurer; and Brendan Ooms, secretary. Sonam Verma has also played a key role as communications director. Student government is advised by business teacher, Mike Loomis.

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