5th Graders Learn “Social Smarts”

This past week, speech teachers Jordan Mangold and Lisa Toomey visited 5th grade classes to lead social skills groups. They discussed different types of “smarts” in each student’s brain. Each student identified 5-10 things that he or she was good at and then the class had a whole group discussion about how each person is different and has different “smarts.”

This social-emotional learning was part of a 3:1 teaching model the speech department began using this year. Under this new model, students who need speech services get direct, targeted speech sessions (similar to in the past) for three weeks, while the fourth week is now a “collaborative week,” during which the speech teachers visit their students’ classrooms to help them carryover the skills they learn in their sessions. The collaborative week also gives Mrs. Mangold and Mrs. Toomey the opportunity to work with all students to identify any who could benefit from speech therapy, as well as meet with teachers from every grade level, conduct parent trainings, and lead grade-level social and emotional learning programs such as last week’s skills groups.

Great job 5th grade, keep up those “social smarts!”

fifth graders particpate in social smarts group session

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