The Four Seasons

It was winter, spring, summer and fall on the MED stage when the third grade staged their ballet performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons for parents. Using music and movement, rather than words, to tell the story, the ballet started in Fall, where students played outside at recess. In Winter, hikers scaled snowy mountains in Alaska, and in spring, bunnies, foxes, bees and bears came out to enjoy the warming weather. For the fourth and final season, Summer, the audience became the show. When the music was light they fanned themselves in the summer heat, but when the music became dark and stormy, everyone covered their heads to shelter themselves from the thunder and rain.

Along with mastering their parts, the students developed their ballet’s themes, costumes and props. “This was all very kid created,” Mrs. Brownell, MED’s music teacher, told the audience.

 The Four Seasons was the culmination of third grade’s study of Venice, part of the artsVOYAGE program conducted at MED in partnership with the Spencertown Academy Arts Center. Guest educator Tom Lee from the Spencertown Academy, has been visiting the third grade all year to help the students explore the world through visual and performing arts, architecture, music, poetry, and writing. To wrap up the performance, Mr. Lee told the story (in Italian) of Gallo Cristallo, the chicken who went to a wedding with his friends and met with adventures along the way.

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