Learning About Healthy Meals with the Sylvia Center

To promote wellness, Mrs. Powell invited Madeleine Fischer, School and Community Program Manager, and Aly Trombitas, Garden Manager and Educator, from the Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm to teach a cooking lesson to her eighth grade Family & Consumer Science students. They made a Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad. Madeleine and Aly talked about whole grains and why they are good for us, used vegetables that were in season, and taught how simple flavors can make a delicious dish. Students diced the broccoli using the “bear claw” method of tucking their fingers into a claw shape to protect them while cutting, then quickly blanched it to bring out an al dente or firm texture. For the spinach and chard, they learned how to “chiffonade” the greens into tiny ribbons that quickly wilted down when they sauteed them. Several students minced garlic, juiced and zested lemons, and grated parmesan cheese. The class seasoned the vegetables with salt as they cooked them and used garlic, red pepper flakes, and lemon juice to add spicy, savory, acidic depth to the farro and vegetable mixture. “It was delicious and several students shared that they usually don’t like broccoli or spinach, but in this dish they loved it,” said Mrs. Powell.

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