Guest Presenter on “Giving Everybody a Chance to Shine”

Jesse Saperstein, a motivational speaker, author, and autism advocate visited CMS on October 15th as part of Bully Prevention Month. His honest and effective anti-bullying presentation gave the entire school insight into how we perceive and treat others. Jesse has a form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome and he shared his personal story about his challenges with fitting in and how he was a frequent target of bullies growing up. He also shared the strengths autism has given him, such as his unwillingness to give up, a trait that has allowed him to complete daunting challenges like hiking the Appalachian Trail and publishing two books. His presentation, he told the students, wasn’t all about him, but instead was “about all of you and giving everybody a chance to shine.” Students also heard from Jesse’s guest, Andrew Maggio, who also lives with autism.

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