Students Take Lead with Coalition Building at CMS

Twenty-two students from 7th and 8th grades undertook National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) training at CMS this week, during which they talked about leadership, communication, diversity, bully prevention, and issues that many students their age are deal with. The CMS guidance & counseling department hosts this day-and-a-half workshop annually, bringing in guest educators from NCBI, a nonprofit leadership training organization that works to eliminate prejudice and conflict all over world, to train select students. Starting in October, these students will take a leading role at CMS in promoting diversity, self-esteem, and acceptance of others by leading coalition-building workshops in our sixth and seventh grade classrooms.

Chatham Middle School’s NCBI students are Samuel Alamillo, Jahnyah Armstrong, Gabe Bennett, Alex Bevens, Robert Bruso, Jr., Iris Davis, Jane Fischer, Alaina Graziano, Noah Hutchinson, Arianna Kennedy-Castillo, Archie Messinger, Nicole Meyers, Maya Narofsky, Anthony O’Dell, Jenna Palubeckis, Brady Reardon, Lauren Salvesvold-Uhlar, Leonard Sitzer, Kyle Smalley, Lily Strattman, Isabella Tarbox, and Matthew Thorsen.


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