CHS Participates in School-wide CRASE Training

CRASE Trainer Tony Brahm talks with students at CHS

Retired Sheriff’s Investigator Tony Brahm provided CRASE training to CHS students, faculty, and staff during a special school-wide assembly held September 13. CRASE stands for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events and is based on the Avoid, Deny, Defend model. Mr. Brahm shared the latest information and training regarding safety, security and responding to active intruder events with the intention of giving our students and staff more awareness of their surroundings and a proactive mentality in keeping themselves safe. Chatham High School students are the first students in our county to receive this training. Similar CRASE trainings for staff at CMS and MED are also planned for this fall. This training is part of our District’s ongoing effort to promote the safety and security of our schools. We would like to thank Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett for making this important presentation available to us.

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