Letter from Mr. Thorsen on CRASE Training

September 13, 2018

Greetings High School families,

Today we invited retired Sheriff’s Investigator Tony Brahm in to talk with our students, faculty, and staff about the latest information and training regarding safety, security and responding to active intruder events.  The name of the program is CRASE training.  CRASE stands for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.  This training has been offered to the public at several venues in the county over the past year.

CRASE training is delivered with the intention of making us all more aware of our surroundings and trying to keep a proactive mentality in keeping ourselves safe in the environments that we find ourselves in.  The training focuses on the concept of avoid, deny and defend.  Both CRASE training and Avoid, Deny and Defend can be easily accessed with an internet search and I would encourage everyone to do so.

Chatham High School students are the first students in the county to receive this training.  We feel strongly that students at the high school level are ready to engage in these discussions, as concerning and frightening as this topic may be.  Our students were amazing throughout the presentation and the questions that were asked indicate that they listened and digested the material that was presented.  I was extremely proud of them today.

It is unfortunate that we need to have these conversations but this is the reality we live in today.  My hope is the more we discuss these topics and practice the latest strategies and advice from our first responders, the more confident and prepared we will be in case we face an emergency situation here at CHS.  I again encourage you to speak with your student about this difficult topic.  I will be seeking feedback from our students about the training to gather as much information as possible in trying to plan future opportunities and trainings in our attempt to keep our school safe.

Thank you to Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett for making this presentation available to us here at CHS.  The message I leave our families with is the same message I gave students at the conclusion of our presentation:  Don’t ever hesitate to come forward with information if you are concerned about an individual or the safety and security of others.  Students can reach out to any adult in the building, including our new full time School Resource Deputy Kelly Rosenstrach.   If we all work together to create a safe, respectful and positive environment, we certainly decrease the odds of one of these tragedies happening here in our community.

All the best,

John Thorsen, Principal

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