Board Adopts 2018-19 Goals & Priorities

At its September 11 meeting, the Board of Education adopted the 2018-19 Goals and Priorities for Chatham Central School District.

Goals and Priorities 2018–2019

Goal – Wellness

The District will create a culture and programs that promote intellectual, physical, and psychological well‐being through mentoring and other interventions.


  • Initiate actions to address the well‐being and mental health needs of all students.
  • Reduce chronic student absenteeism.
  • Develop and implement wellness strategies. Inform and educate all staff, families and students on those strategies.

Goal – Academic

Through data‐driven and rigorous programming, our school community will foster and inspire our students’ full potential, advancing their postgraduate preparedness.


  • Improve the fidelity, continuity, and rigor of mathematics and science instruction (K‐12) to increase student success.
  • Determine if academic programming (K‐12) is comprehensive and meets the needs of ALL students.
  • Assess whether K‐12 grading policy and practices are fair, consistent, and accurately represent student progress. 

Goal – Fiscal

The District will ensure long‐term financial sustainability by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of resources.


  • Implement Phase I of the capital project.
  • Ensure that staffing adequately meets the programmatic needs and fiscal realities of the district.
  • Explore what future capital projects may be needed.

 Goal – Safety

The District will make responsible efforts to promote the safety and security of our District students, staff and visitors while on campus through the mitigation of potential threats and risk reduction.


  • Enhance the security of District facilities.
  • Foster a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Develop and implement strategies to mitigate potential threats. Inform and educate all staff, families and students on those strategies.Chatham Central School District
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