Cafeteria Makeover

The CMS cafeteria has a new look this year, part of a larger initiative to give students more ownership of their school environment. Last year, CMS surveyed students on how their school could improve the cafeteria. With this information in hand, teaching assistants Barbara Fuss and Sue Wallace came up with a design and, with help from faculty members Karen Souza, Donna Eager, Samantha McShane, Mark Connelly, and student Tessa Wallace, put in many hours this summer to repaint the walls in our school colors. The cafeteria also now boasts a waste collection station where students can separate their trash into different bins for compost, landfill, and recycling. And each day at lunch, buckets and rags are provided so students can wipe down their own tables when they are finished eating. Also in response to student suggestions, the cafeteria will soon have several round tables with chairs available to give students more seating options.


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