Students Go for Gold at MED Summer Camp

Throughout July, fourth and fifth graders participating in MED’s summer learning camp tasted Olympic glory when they combined learning with games of skill and speed! They spent the month creating their own Olympics, and each day concluded with all the students participating in a “Minute To Win It” challenge set up by their teachers.

To start, the students learned about the history of the Olympics, then broke into groups and researched a summer or winter Olympic sport of their choosing. Students created Google slide presentations of their chosen sport and presented them to the group.

Then the students again broke into groups to create their own “countries.” They designed flags to represent their nations and decided what continent their countries were on. Next, each group designed their own game to play in their upcoming “Minute to Win It Olympics,” creating the rules and writing directions for how each game should be played.

On the last three days of camp the students held an opening Olympic ceremony, participated in all of the games the groups created (Human Hula Hoop Toss, Dice Breaker, Ping- Pong Golf, and Throwback Attack), and held a closing ceremony complete with Olympic rings, a parade of countries, and a medals ceremony.


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