Career Days

The fourth and fifth grades each held career days last week where students heard about various careers from people in our community who are currently working in them.
Fourth graders heard from the following presenters:
Mike Hogan, a computer programmer from Vicarious Visions. He has helped create well-known video games such as Halo 2.
Dr. Mike Delliere, a veterinarian and practice owner of Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic in East Chatham.
Esperanza Sanchez, the Operations Manager and an EMT for the Chatham Rescue Squad
Madeleine Fischer and Alyssa Trombitas, the Program Coordinator and Garden Manger, respectively, from Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook.
Fifth graders heard from the following presenters:
Katie Krizar, the lead baker for Pieconic in Chatham, who brought in cookies for students and staff to try.
DeputyTravis VanAlstyne and his K9 partner Kira, from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.
James Marks, who is a cooperate airplane pilot.
The events were organized by the MED guidance department. Each of the fourth and fifth grade homerooms designed and created a thank you mug for the presenters. Each guest also received a Chatham E2 shirt and bracelet. The mugs and bracelets were donated by the PTA.


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