Kindness Challenge Winner

Kindness is king at MED! This spring, MED’s principal Mrs. Reno encouraged students to share their acts of kindness by stopping by the school office and telling her and the office staff about a kind deed they did that day. For each act of kindness reported, the student’s name was entered into a lottery for the chance to win a water balloon party for his or her class. Originally, Mrs. Reno’s plan was to include ice pops for the winning class, but she was so impressed with all the kindness in the building that she decided every class will get ice pops at field day.
On June 15, Mrs. Reno drew the winning ticket, which was second grader Chase Powers from Mrs. Robichaud’s class. Congratulations Chase and congratulations to all the MED students who have shown so much kindness throughout the year.

Chase Powers with water balloons

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