Glass Castles

In room 114 stands an impressive collection of final projects created by the AP11 English class. This year the students examined and reinterpreted the classic literature canon, and recently finished reading what many could consider to be a modern “classic.” Released in 2005, The Glass Castle is Jeannette Walls’ award-winning memoir of growing up in a family stricken by dysfunction and poverty. The title refers to her alcoholic father’s never to be realized fantasy of building their dream home.
Rather than have his students write a standard book report, English teacher Jeffery Artist asked them to interpret the book in a more creative and tactile way – make their own works of art using a medium of their choosing and the themes in the book as inspiration.
“I’m always surprised and impressed with what you get when you give kids literature,” Mr. Artist said. “When given the creative freedom, the kids will really push themselves in new directions.”
Pictured here are a few examples of the students’ projects.

students projects on table

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