7th Grade Leaves its Footprint at Monolith Solar

Chatham Middle School students made their Battle of the Bees garden a reality on May 30th. Team 7 traveled to the Monolith Solar Plant in Craryville where the company has provided a plot of land dedicated to the Middle School’s bee garden. The skies were clear and the students stayed cool with bottled water and sunglasses provided by Monolith Solar. The seventh graders prepared their bee garden design by picking rocks, weeding and outlining the garden. After planting a variety of native flower seeds and sprinkling them with water students enjoyed a picnic lunch. They were very proud of their work.

CMS and other schools across New York State are participating in the “Battle of the Bees,” an effort sponsored by Monolith Solar to provide habitat for the world’s dwindling numbers of bees by planting wildflower gardens. Through this earth-friendly “Take Action” project in 7th grade English language arts, students have been learning about environmental topics and researching soil, plants, recycling and more while working in teams to design gardens that support bees. The student design CMS chose to plant is called “Chatham Foot Print” and will be judged against other schools’ gardens for a chance to win $5,000. The winner will be announced later in the year.

students plant garden near solar panel field.


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