For 3rd Grade, Reading is Sweet As Pie

MED teachers will do just about anything to make reading fun! This spring the MED PTA sponsored a school-wide Reading Minutes Contest, where the PTA encouraged students to read in their free time and keep a log of the time they spent with their noses buried in a book. Reading is its own reward, of course, but to sweeten the deal a bit the PTA announced that the top three classes in the school in terms of overall minutes read would earn the opportunity to toss a pie in their teacher’s face. Third grade really represented in the competition, with Mrs. Mulica’s and Mrs. Chiappinelli’s class coming in first with 19,275 minutes read, Mrs. Meyers’ class in second with 15,235, and Mrs. Lynch’s class in third with 8,002. On May 25, the PTA courteously supplied the third grade with four vanilla pudding pies with extra whipped cream topping. The top reader from each class got the honor of putting the pie in his or her teacher’s face:

Aiden McShane with 4,450 minutes – Mrs. Mulica/Mrs. Chiappinelli

Aden Wiessner with 3,500 minutes – Mrs. Myers

Anna Butts with 1,200 minutes – Mrs. Lynch

We’ll let the pictures tell the rest of this story…

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