Living History Day

CMS was a hotbed of revolutionary fervor on May 4. As part of the seventh grade’s Living History Day, the 2nd Regiment Albany County Militia, an American Revolution reenactment group based out of Schenectady, visited the school to immerse the students in 18th century life.

On the school’s field, the classes formed into companies and donned uniforms like those worn by Washington’s Continental Army, colonial militia units, or the British Army. After the students were properly equipped with a musket, cartridge box, and haversack, 2nd Regiment instructors led the companies through a series of 18th Century military drills, which required everyone to form into ranks and move together as a unit. The 7th graders learned how to march, fire in a volley, bayonet charge, and more.

Students also learned about the class system that existed in the colonies during the 1770’s and got to try on the different types of civilian clothing that would have been worn by upper, middle, and lower class men and women. They learned about the types of food people ate back then and about camp life as well.

In the afternoon, the seventh grade marched to the Columbia County Fairgrounds where the 2nd Regiment demonstrated the live firing of a field canon.

The students then formed up and with a big “huzzah!” marched back through the streets of Chatham to the Middle School to wrap up the day.

7th grade Living History Day was brought about four years ago by social studies teacher William Richard and the seventh grade teaching team. This annual event was supported by a grant from the Chatham Education Foundation of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.


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