Costa Rica Trip

CHS Spanish students had an opportunity to take a school field trip abroad, visiting Costa Rica March 30-April 7. The students got to experience all kinds of new adventures, including flying in an airplane for the first time, trying new foods, kayaking, hiking in rain forests and cloud forests, zip-lining, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, and seeing all kinds of different wildlife and vegetation. Their tour guide taught them all kinds of things about Costa Rican culture while they traveled between regions and enjoyed sunny and warm weather almost every day. “I learned new vocabulary through my interactions with ‘ticos,’ or native Costa Ricans, and I think my knowledge of both Hispanic language and culture has improved because of it. This was an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat,” explained Chatham senior Eliza Klingler. The activities that they participated in, as well as the amount of Spanish they spoke with others, helped the students grow in their confidence and stretch outside of their comfort zones. Spanish teacher Elizabeth Conley and science teacher Steve Silverman chaperoned the trip.

students look at waterfall students on jungle train students with tucan students on beach


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