MED Poetry Contest

As part of  Reading Month in March, the PTA sponsored a poetry writing contest at MED, with a winner selected from each grade. Congratulations to our winning poets!

Kindergarten – Connor Hahn

1st Grade – Skylar Bowen

2nd Grade – Miles Frederick

3rd Grade – Marianna Chudy

4th Grade – Emmy Martino

5th Grade – Olivia Oakes

poetry contest winners

Left to right are MED’s Poetry Contest winners Olivia Oakes, Emmy Martino, Marianna Chudy, Miles Frederick, Skylar Bowen,  and Connor Hahn with their poems.



Connor Hahn – Kindergarten

I like to swim

But I will get out quick

If I see a fin.


Skylar Bowen – 1st Grade



I love the water.

The lake has a lot of fish.

I swim like the fish.


Miles Frederick – 2nd Grade

The Squirrel of Gazerl


There once was a happy squirrel

Who sat on a lumpy, bumpy burl.

He wished for a pretty pearl,

But he lived in the land of Gazerl.


You may not know Gazerl has no ocean,

So the Squirrel made a simple potion.

It was creamy like a fancy lotion,

But it made waves come to a gentle motion.


The squirrel found a pretty pearl in the new sea.

Now everyone in Gazerl was super happy!

They built sand castles for as far as you can see.

All the creatures in Gazerl could swim and be free.


Marianna Chudy – 3rd Grade

Number One Seasons


The snow is falling

The snowman is calling

We have to go!


Winter is here

Let’s have some fun

We should all cheer

That we are number one!


Spring is next

No time to waste

Let’s go fast

And find a vase


We will fill it with flowers

Then be done.

Spring is here

We are still number one!


Summer will be coming

We will play ball

But then soon we will bundle

Because next is the fall.


All the seasons will go by and by

We will go outside

And have lots of fun

We will still cheer

We are number one!


Emmy Martino – 4th Grade

People say it’s just a horse.

That horse is a best friend, a teacher,

And one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

That horse is my life,

My love,

And my soulmate.

No matter what,

It’s just a horse.

That horse is a part of me

And made me

Who I am today.


Olivia Oakes – 5th Grade

Spring to me


Spring to me is muddy puddles

and rainy days, chilly mornings, and

warm afternoons; tulips blooming.

Birds chirping buds on trees and buzzing

from the bees.

This is Spring to me.

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