CHS Students Place at Bridge Building Competition

Hayden Spock, Madison Newton, Gabby Neven, and Margo Schassler with their bridgesStudents from CHS competed in the 2018 Model Bridge Competition, held at the Albany Marriot as part of the Capital District’s 38th Anniversary Celebration of National Engineer’s Week. The Model Bridge Competition was open to area high school students and involved building a model truss-type or arch-type bridge out of only balsa wood and yellow carpenter’s glue. Each model was judged on its aesthetics (appearance and quality of construction) then weighed and loaded to failure by a testing machine.

Congratulations to Madison Newton, Gabby Neven, and Margo Schassler, who took second place in the Aesthetics portion of the competition. They won $100!

Congratulations also to Hayden Spock, who built Chatham’s top load-bearing bridge, which withstood up to 151 pounds of pressure, placing him 17th out of 79 bridges.



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