CMS Science & Technology Fair

student explains project to judgeChatham Middle School held its 2018 Science and Technology Fair February 28th in the school’s gymnasium. This year, the Fair involved 53 fascinating projects by 80 students. This annual event encourages sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to become self-directed learners and use scientific processes to ask questions, conduct research, and draw conclusions based on the data they collect. In the weeks leading up to the fair, students chose to develop a solution to a technological problem or attempted to prove a hypothesis.

students explain project to judgeThroughout the school day, science and technology teachers from both CMS and CHS judged the projects based on the students’ demonstrated use of the scientific method or problem solving method, as well as the students’ creativity, knowledge of their subjects, difficulty of the projects, and overall quality of their presentations.

The school announced the winners that evening during the public portion of the fair, when hundreds of family members, staff, and other fans of science and engineering descended on the gym to learn about the students’ projects.

Congratulations to the following:

Grade 6

sixth grade winnersWinner 1– “Can we build something useful out of recyclable objects?”
By Maya Narofsky & Alaina Graziano

Winner 2– “Do bigger chargers charge electronics faster?”
By Nole Zaik

Winner 3– “How do you build a slime vending machine?”
By Olivia Hanson & Willow Visconti

Principal’s Award– “Which fruit produces more energy?
By Morgan Van Wie


Grade 7

seventh grade winnersWinner 1– “Are homemade natural cleaning agents just as effective as commercial cleaners?”
By Gabe Bennett & Chris Hayes

Winner 2– “Can solar stills produce clean water for people during a crisis?”
By John Miles

Winner 3– “What is the most eco-friendly way to melt ice?”
By Diego Clark

Principal’s Award– “How do different sized arrows and grain sized field tips travel out of a
compound bow?”
Jake Dweleski


Grade 8

eigth grade winnersWinner 1– “How does color affect memory?”
By Katie Everett & Samantha Barden

Winner 2– “Deep Freeze”
By Benjamin Halpin

Winner 3– “Measuring Density and Porosity of Sand”
By Nathaniel Loomis

Principal’s Award– “If you eat hot wings, which liquid will cool your taste buds down
By Allyson Engel


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