8th Grade Career Fair

Eighth grade Home & Careers students hosted a Career Fair in their classroom to showcase the research they completed into potential careers. As part of Chatham’s Career Cruising program, each student chose a prospective job of their liking and researched what education, experience, or training they would need to gain in order to land that dream job. They also explored the realities of that career, such as the average wages they could expect for entry level and experienced positions, core tasks of the position, and typical workplace environmental factors, such as hours, locations, and other working conditions. As the capstone of their research, the students created posters detailing the key points of their research. Mrs. Schaffer, the middle school’s family & consumer sciences teacher, invited school staff and the student’s families in to visit the classroom January 23, view the students’ posters, ask them questions about their research and career goals, and enjoy refreshments provided by the Perky Panthers.

Mrs. Schaffer said hosting the Career Fair “helps the students develop presentation skills, which is a skill required in any workforce. It also helps them articulate what they want to become and reinforces the goals they want to set for themselves in the future.”

Along with career research, the students have been busy with projects like building resumes, writing letters to potential colleges, and developing interview skills through mock interviews.

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