New Building Access System @ MED

camera on front door

Visitors to MED this January may notice new security features, part of a new building access system Chatham Central Schools finished installing over the holiday break. The project replaced the elementary school’s aging building access system – used to “buzz” visitors into the building and allow staff to enter locked exterior doors using a card-reading sensor. The installation of the new system, performed by Day Automation, included new wiring throughout the building and new contacts, card sensors, and door hardware on exterior entrances as well as on a number of interior security doors. The project also included new access cameras at the main entrance and a side door, and the addition of card access points on certain doors in areas the old system was unable to support.

CCSD replaced the existing building access system because it had become outdated to the point that the manufacturer no longer supported the system, making upgrades or the addition of access points impossible and replacement parts for general maintenance hard to find. The installation of MED’s new system was funded through a small (not to exceed $100,000) capital project included in the 2017-18 school budget. Because Chatham CSD gets approximately 50 percent state aid on capital projects, our District will be reimbursed for approximately half of the project’s cost. Our plan is to replace the building access systems at the Middle School and High School through similar capital projects in future years.

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