Julia Rose and Ryan Thorsen Tapped for HOBY

Julia Rose and Ryan Thorsen Julia Rose and Ryan Thorsen will represent Chatham High School at the 2018 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) at SUNY Oneonta this spring. This three-day event empowers high school sophomores to develop effective, ethical leadership skills that they can use to make positive impacts on their schools and communities.

As part of Chatham’s commitment to provide leadership opportunities for our students, Chatham High School sends one sophomore girl and one sophomore boy to the HOBY seminar each year. Faculty members nominate students to attend and the nominees submit an essay on what being a leader means to them and what they hope to gain by attending. Based on these essays, a committee that includes students who attended HOBY in past years chooses several candidates to interview and from the interviews selects the two students they feel will best represent Chatham at the seminar. 

Being nominated by their teachers and given the official nod to go by their peers is something Julia and Ryan say gives them a sense of accomplishment. Apart from their essays and interviews, both have demonstrated their leadership character through their actions at school. Ryan and Julia are part of their school’s Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Team, are high honor students, and as early as seventh grade began working to prevent prejudice and bullying as student leaders in Chatham Middle School’s National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) program. Ryan, who plays basketball and baseball for the Panthers, says being involved in team sports has also provided him with opportunities to show positive leadership, while Julia is involved in her school’s Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) chapter, Model Congress team, and newspaper.

The two will travel to the State University of New York at Oneonta to attend the 2018 New York East HOBY Leadership Seminar taking place there June 1st-3rd.

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