Synergy Saves the Worm

The week before Holiday Recess, 5th graders learned that teamwork is working together towards a common goal using the skills of cooperation, respect of differences, and effective communication. School counselor Trisha Bradley discussed how teamwork helps our classroom and school community function efficiently by creating an environment of respect and kindness, as does being nonjudgmental and using problem-solving skills for conflict or disagreements.

During the lesson, the students took on a team-building challenge in which they had to save a gummy worm named “Sam” who had an unfortunate accident when his boat capsized. Using the teamwork skills they had learned about, the students worked together to save Sam using the limited materials they had been provided. During this exercise, students learned that synergy – the combined efforts of those in a group being more effective than individual effort – helped them complete the task. Ms. Bradley reminded the students that their class and larger school community has synergy and that each student contributes their own individual talents, thoughts, and abilities to enhance the learning environment every day.

Posted in Elementary School.