Class Explores Corporate Social Responsibility

Student taking SS12 Economics with Ms. Keegan recently explored the social responsibilities of corporations and companies. Students determined the pros and cons of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – self-initiatives undertaken by a company with regard to social and environmental wellbeing. Students then picked a company to research and the class presented on the various CSR initiatives of the different businesses they explored. To close, each student wrote a letter to a company of their choice discussing that company’s CSR initiatives and how he or she felt about those initiatives, along with any suggestions the student had for the company and whether he or she felt the company should continue those initiatives or not.

A little proof that their letters did not go unnoticed came to students Tom Cozzolino, Liam Merchant, and Ryan Alderdice, who chose to write to Ben & Jerry’s. On December 19, Ms. Keegan received a hand-written card from the company thanking the three students for their interest and the letters they sent. Ben & Jerry’s also sent along a few stickers and pens for Thom, Liam, and Ryan to enjoy.

students Tom Cozzolino, Liam Merchant, and Ryan Alderdice


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