The Four Seasons

It may be only winter here in Chatham, but on the MED stage it was winter, spring, summer and fall! The third grade staged a ballet performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Different from a play, their ballet used music and movement, rather than words, to tell the story. Along with mastering their parts, the students developed the ballet’s themes and worked on their costumes and props.

Starting in Fall, the students became parents raking leaves, but an autumn breeze blew in to ruin all their hard work! In Winter, children played in the snow while gusts of frosty air chilled them to the bone. Spring was family picnic time, but watch out for the thieving bears! For the fourth and final season, Summer, the audience joined in on the fun. When the music became dark and stormy, everyone covered their heads to shelter themselves from the thunder and rain.

The third grade performed The Four Seasons for the other grades at MED during school on November 29, and again for their family members on November 30.

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