Students’ Thanksgiving Baskets Keep Hunger Away This Holiday

thanksgiving baskets ready to go to area families

A holiday tradition at CMS, each homeroom put together a Thanksgiving basket that went to a family in need this week. Earlier in the month, the students watched documentaries about hunger in America and collected food items that area families could use to make their own Thanksgiving feasts. Also, the 6th grade attended an assembly where they learned how the local food bank helps people in our community. During homeroom this week, the classes decorated their baskets to give them a little holiday flair and stuffed them with all the food they collected. Faculty put together a few additional baskets to boot. Special thanks to Solid Rock Church for donating the turkey gift cards, 18 in total, that topped off each basket. Shown here, 7th grade key communicators heft two of the baskets their classmates assembled.
Key communicators heft two of the Thnaksgiving baskets thier peers put together.

7th grade key communicators heft two of the Thanksgiving baskets their classmates put together.

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