3rd Graders Visit Horse Sanctuary

Last week, Equine Advocates welcomed our third grade classes to their facility for some humane education and a tour. Located nearby in Chatham, Equine Advocates operates a sanctuary for rescued horses and other related animals. The classes spent 45 minutes in the sanctuary’s education center, where Humane Educator Colleen Cronin gave them a presentation on both wild and domestic equine animals, shared what goes into caring for them, and discussed their ethical and humane treatment. Then it was out to the barns and fields to see the animals! Students got to meet different types of horses (such as thoroughbred, mustang, draft, and miniature) as well as mules, donkeys, and even a few goats. Then it was back to the education center for lunch and to write haiku poems about what they learned. Special thanks to Equine Advocates for offering this special learning opportunity to MED at no cost to our school.

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