Student’s Wish is FUNIMATION

Colby Hills is an 11th grader at Chatham High School who has a strong interest in computers, digitalization, and animation. Colby also has been living with a life-limiting illness called Pulmonary Hypertension, which is high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs. This disease makes it difficult for Colby to breathe in many situations. It is a progressive disease that has no cure.

A little while back, he discovered a company in Texas that really matched his interests, a company called FUNIMATION that specializes in anime, a style of animation with its roots in Japan. The company supports creators, provides an audience for brands, and gives fans access to the world of anime.

So Colby applied to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and his wish was granted. Make-A-Wish flew Colby and his parents to Dallas so he could attend the FUNIMATION Conference held there November 1st through 5th.

Colby was able to experience all that goes on behind the scenes of an animation creation at this company. He was granted the chance to act as director for one of their anime productions. Colby also learned how voice dubbing works with animated characters and did some voice-over dubbing.

“It just helped confirm that this is a career I am definitely interested in doing,” Colby stated.

Colby is not the first student in Chatham that Make-A-Wish has granted a wish to. Learn more about Make-A-Wish and how you can support this cause at


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