Portraits Honor Board Members

studentrs with portraits

For School Board Appreciation Week, 5th grade students created portraits of all of Chatham’s Board of Education members, which the Board was presented with October 24th. Under the direction of MED art teacher Nancy Barth, the students used their school’s iPad Pros, the app Procreate, and Apple pencils to draw these impressive portraits. Using a digital photograph of their assigned Board member and working in layers, each student used the Apple pen to trace the outline of the face and facial features. They then used the digital “paintbrush” and “airbrush” tools to carefully add skin tone and color to the hair and facial features before adding the background color and texture.

Pictured here are Patrick Brown, Brianna Reyome, Laila Backer, Aidan Brennan, Rylie Barden, Oliana DeLuca, Kendall Hayes, Taylor Van Wie, Jennifer Albrecht, and Holden Spock with their portraits. The students were thrilled and honored to be able to create these portraits for our Board!


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