Battle of the Bees

students participate in skype presentation with landscape architect October 19th was the official kickoff of the Team 7 Battle of the Bees. CMS and other schools across New York State are participating in Monolith Solar’s effort to provide habitat for our world’s dwindling numbers of bees by planting wildflower gardens. This earth-friendly project will teach our 7th graders about environmental topics which they will research as part of a Take Action project in English language arts. Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture Maria Counts, from the Chicago Institute of Technology and Counts Studio in New York and Chicago, skyped in 7th grade watches skype presentation in CMS libraryto students for a live presentation about the project, during which she discussed topics for the students to consider when designing their own environmentally-friendly garden.

In the coming weeks, our 7th graders will research topics such as soil, plants, recycling and more while deciding on the best possible structure for their garden design. The wildflower garden they create will be planted in May and winners of the statewide competition will be announced later in the year.

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