Key Communicators Spread Message of Inclusion

Chatham Central School District E2 Logo, everyone, everyday Following youth inspirational speaker David Flood’s visit to CMS, our school has been finding ways to bring Mr. Flood’s message of inclusion to life throughout our building. For example, the morning of October 4, seventh grade key communicator John Miles read the following announcement over the school loudspeaker:

“70 percent of teenagers have seen bullying in their schools. The best way to end bullying is to be an UPSTANDER. That means if you witness bullying, stand up and say something. You can also show your support by inviting the victim to be with you or include them in any way. You definitely do not want to laugh when you see it happen. When a bystander intervenes, bullying stops within 10 seconds! As David Flood said, not FUEL the FIRE, WATER IT! Remember, no one eats alone!”

John’s announcement is the start of the CMS Key Communicators’ plan to share messages promoting dignity, respect, and compassion as a regular part of our school’s morning announcements. Great to see our students actively taking on bullying and making Chatham’s E2 motto a reality!

John Miles on the school loudspeaker

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