Perky Panthers Cafe

Perky panthers baristas

Perhaps it was because of National Coffee Day, or perhaps it was the lure of a free cup of Joe, but in any case, the Perky Panthers Café had banner sales on September 29!

Every payday Friday, Mrs. Thorsen’s Middle School Life Skills class opens their doors for business as the Perky Panthers Café. The students sell coffee, tea and other treats to staff, and the proceeds they raise go to purchase supplies and incentives Dr. DeAngelo adds up his bill for the classfor the class. With Friday, September 29 being National Coffee Day, superintendent Sal DeAngelo offered to buy a cup of the steamy stuff for any staff member who dropped by the café that morning. The class made Dr. DeAngelo an honorary barista and put him to work pouring coffee for the many who showed up.

Shown above are our Perky Panthers workers with their honorary barista, and below Dr. DeAngelo provides a math lesson for the class as he adds up his bill!

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