David Flood Kicks Off Bully Prevention Month @ CMS

David FloodOctober is Bully Prevention Month, but CMS got things started early with a visit from youth motivational speaker David Flood. During a school-wide assembly held the morning of September 28, Mr. Flood spoke with our students about improving their lives and the lives of those around them through positive social interactions. During his emotional talk, he interwove stories about his daughter and his autistic son to relate his message on the importance of showing dignity and respect for all. A great message that tied in closely with our district’s Everyone, Everyday theme.

He also gave our students three challenges to act on:

One: Look on the inside of people. Stop looking at people on the outside and realize they are just like you on the inside.

Two: Make connections with adults. Find two adults in the building, look them in the eye, and thank them for what they do.

Three: No one eats alone. Look for people who are shy, lonely, or outcast and make sure no one ever eats alone in our cafeteria.

Chatham Central School District E2 Logo, everyone, everydayAfter the assembly, Mr. Flood met with our school’s Key Communicator students to discuss how they could play an active role in creating positive school culture. He also visited with our 6th graders during their lunch and dropped by the Middle School Life Skills Class for a chat.

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