3rd Grade Service Club Helps Homeless Pets

thrid grade service club with Wendy Guntert and donations to her animal shelterPictured here is MED’s Third Grade Service Club with Deputy Wendy Guntert, who is Chatham’s DARE Officer and also the founder of the Everlasting Hope Animal Shelter. As an end-of-year service project, the students collected new and used donations for the animal shelter. Donations included dog and puppy food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, dog food bowls, blankets, towels, newspapers, and water bottles. Currently, Deputy Guntert has 14 puppies that she is fostering and that will be up for adoption. The club presented Deputy Guntert with their donations on June 22.

Third Grade Service Club is advised by MED counselors Renee Morgan and Trisha Bradley and serves to empower students to take an active role in facilitating positive change. Throughout the school year, the Service Club planned service events for our school and community while also engaging in research-based mindfulness activities to reduce stress and promote positive self-care.

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