Students Explore Work Through CEIP

This spring, four seniors completed an exciting, real-world learning experience through Chatham High School’s Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP). In this program, seniors participate in an unpaid internship for 54 hours, under the direct supervision of a career mentor. The program offers the students a Adrienne Moshimer in librarygreat way to get a feel for the day-to-day work of a particular career field, as well as gain a competitive edge over others with this unique experience.

Adrienne Moshimer – Interest in Library Services.
She interned at a variety of libraries for her internship. These included the New Lebanon Public Library with librarian Jeanne Bogino (where her picture was taken), Chatham High School Library with librarian Donna Eager, and MED Elementary School Library with librarian Jeff Selby. She got to learn just about every aspect and every position in a library! She will be pursuing a career in library services after Taylor Jackson with cat in veternary clinicgraduation.

Taylor Jackson – Interest in veterinary medicine.
She interned at Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Mike Delliere. Taylor learned what a veterinary technician does including drawing up needles, counting medication, dealing with a variety of pets, and working with their owners. She will be going to college at SUNY Delhi, with a goal to be a vet tech.

Taylor Bowman – Interest in being a writer.
She interned with Nancy Castaldo, a local, Taylor Bowman with Nancy Castaldonationally-recognized author with several published works, who gave Taylor critiques and advice on her writing. Taylor also learned about various processes involved with being an author, such as editing, publishing, agents, and marketing. She also was able to attend a talk-shop meeting with local authors who shared their ideas and experiences. Taylor plans to become an author of fiction novels.

Nick Avenia – Interest in Information Technology.
He interned with Isaac Nelson of Panoramic Studios, where he learned WordPress in the programming and design of a business web site. He will be going to college at SUNY Nuick Abenia giving presentation in classPlattsburgh in the fall. He will major in information technology and potentially minor in cyber security or web design.

CEIP is managed by Michael Loomis, the school’s business teacher and work-based learning coordinator, and includes regular class time with Mr. Loomis. As a final project for the course, the students gave an in depth presentation to the class about their internship, what they did and learned, and what they felt were the most valuable parts of their experiences.

The program is offered during the summer prior to the students’ senior year or during the actual school year. Interest in the CEIP program has been growing; there are four students participating in internships for this upcoming summer and another twelve are planning to complete internships during the 2017-2018 school year.

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