CHS Student, Teacher Honored

CASDA Honors Katharine Schassler Chatham High School senior Katharine Schassler and math teacher Jennifer DiIorio were honored guests at this year’s Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) Scholars Recognition Dinner. This annual event recognizes high achieving Capital Region high school seniors and their teachers.

As part of this honor, CASDA published a write up that states “Katharine Delaney Schassler of Chatham takes pride in putting substantial effort into all that she does. Her variety of achievements include being a Technology Tutor, a first delegate in the AIC Model Congress, participant in Math League, and student body vice president. She has also thrice designed the logo for the Capital District Engineers Week event. When not doing homework, her pastimes include reading, hanging with her dog, and spending time with her sister Margot.”

Student honorees also have the opportunity to nominate teachers they feel made a significant impact on their education. For Kate, that teacher was Mrs. DiIorio. As the CASDA write up notes, “above and beyond radians and polynomials, Ms. DiIorio has taught Kate the skill of tenacity and to be a chef rather than a line cook.”

Kate and Mrs. DiIorio attended the 2017 Scholars Recognition Dinner on May 17 at the Albany Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, where they were honored alongside other outstanding students and teachers. The event’s keynote address was delivered by the New York State Teacher of the Year, Charles Giglio.

Chatham High School is proud to congratulate Kate and Mrs. DiIorio on this much deserved recognition!

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