MED Trustworthy Assembly, May, 2017

MED Trustworthy AssemblyMED held character assemblies May 9th for grades Pre-k -2 and May 11th for grades 3-5. Both assemblies highlighted our theme of the month, which was “Trustworthiness.” As part of the assembly, each special department (art, music, PE, Library, and cafeteria) handed out awards to the classes that showed the most trustworthiness during their time at that special.


Grades Pre-K-2

Art Award – Mrs. Kral’s Class

PE Award – Mrs. Pravel’s Class

Music Award – Mrs. Milano’s Class

Library Award – Ms. Endel’s Class

Cafeteria Award – Mrs. Alliger’s Class

Cleanest Classroom (AKA the Golden Trash Can) – Mrs. Wagner’s Class


Grades 3-5

Art Award – Mrs. Mulica’s Class

PE Award – Mrs. Grill’s Class

Music Award – Ms. Feller’s Class

Library Award – Ms. Mistretta’s Class

Cafeteria Award – Mr. Kole’s Class

Cleanest Classroom (AKA the Golden Trash Can) – Mrs. Murray’s Class

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