Class Grandma’s Sewing Helps Put Literacy on the Go

Class Grandma's Sewing Helps Put Literacy on the GoIn Mrs. Myers’ third grade class, students enjoy bringing literacy home in some pretty snazzy handmade bags. Mrs. Cindy Smith (aka Jayden Valdez’s grandmother) volunteered her time to sew up a whole slew of bags for the class to use as their take-home literacy bags.

The class’ take-home literacy bags are thematic, content-related collections of fiction and non-fiction books, with accompanying activities that the students bring home every week. Each bag has several books and a folder with a variety of activity sheets that the students complete.

The students have a chance to sign up for the bags that are of interest to them. Bag themes In Mrs. Myers’ class include weather, biographies, inventors, fall activities, U.S. presidents, plants, animals, math, space, dinosaurs, U.S.A., penguins, China, Mad Libs, jokes & riddles, as well as class mascots Pride the Panther, Leo Leopard, and Snoopy. Some of the bags circulate year round while other bags are monthly or for special occasions.

Mrs. Meyers and other teachers use these bags as a way to supplement and extend the class curriculum while providing opportunities for their students to practice recently acquired skills and knowledge. The bags also serve to connect school and home as well as increase parents’ knowledge about their child’s abilities.

A big thanks to Mrs. Smith for supporting our students!

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