OzobotsIn March, 6th grade Project-Based Technology students connected the digital and physical worlds by experimenting with Ozobots, tiny robots that can be programmed with a desktop computer.

Students could direct their robots to perform simple commands such as move forward, turn left, turn right, stop, flash its lights, and more. By linking commands together using coding blocks, the students could then program their robots to complete tasks, such as navigate around a track or put on a light show.

OzobotsTo transfer their programming to the robot itself, the students only needed to hold their robot up to their computer screen. Each bot is equipped with a photo sensor, and the coding program the students were using could generate a series of flashing lights (sort of like Morse code) on the screen that the Ozobots could read.

Then, it was set the programmed robot down and see if it did what they expected it too!

The CMS technology department got the Ozobots on loan from the Questar III BOCES Model Schools program, which supports schools with technology integration in the classroom.

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